How To Add Schema Markup To WordPress Site To Improve Rankings?

Adding Schema Markup improves search rankings. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an ever-expanding field. Schema marking is an efficient and effective way of optimization in our day-round world.

Schema marking is an effective strategy that helps improve search rankings on a website or site. By using Schema to you can easily show reviews in the Google search results.

Schema mark-up and structured data are SEO tools that improve the click through rates for your site on Google result pages.

Although schema and structured data aren’t mandatory, they are highly recommended by most major search engines to make the data available for your website accessible for searchers to view easily.

Structured data improves search engine results by showcasing product, service or information that you are presenting on your website with a more professional appearance on Google.

There are several ways to you can use to add schema markup. Here are some steps To Add Schema Markup to WordPress Site to Improve Rankings:

1. Adding Schema Markup Via Theme:

You can add schema markup via theme. To add schema markup via theme, you need to install a theme.

You can also get several themes for free because Some WordPress themes are inbuilt, which you can search on the WordPress theme directory.

Schema markup helps you give search engines valuable information that will increase your search visibility. Here are some of them:

The schema:

The schema themes are popular nowadays because they help to improve the ranking of your website.

The schema theme is SEO friendly and very useful for influencer marketing, and content marketing.

Schema lite:

Schema is very popular WordPress theme that has many amazing features. You can use these features to design your website according to your products and services. It features rich snippets to help search engines identify your site and rank higher.

Fashion Diva:

Fashion diva is a free WordPress theme, which can be used in creating the amazing inner blogging pages.

2. Adding Schema Markup via WordPress Plugin:

Many websites have their own theme so they might not want to change their themes just to add schema. However, there are some ways you can add schema to your website.

You can use schema markup to your WordPress website using plugins. You can choose any of these plugins, that you find the best. Let’s check some WordPress plugins:

i. The schema plugin:

Schema plugin can be used to add schema markup to your WordPress website. It has some very useful features that are compatible with different schema types and different post category.

Steps To use The Schema Plugin:

To install the schema plugin, select the plugins from the menu.

  • Click on add new.
  • Search schema.
  • Click on install.
  • Click on activate.
  • After activation, go to schema setting; now add the schema markup to your site.
  • Fill the basic details such as your site type, location, and your logo.
  • Click on Quick Configuration Wizard button to begin the configuration.
  • Click on lets go and provide the information about your site, and social media.
  • Click on the Add new button and fill the details, you also add or edit the post types. You can also categorize the schema markup.
  • If you want to change or improve your setting, go to setting and make the changes you want. You can also add extensions by using extensions.

ii. Schema and structured Data for WordPress

It is considered to be the best plugins available. It is the most easy and convenient way of adding schema markup to your WordPress website.

Steps to use this plugin:

  • Select the plugin from the menu and click on add new.
  • Click on install.
  • Click on activate.
  • Now go to the WordPress dashboard.
  • Choose the structured data and click on add schema types.
  • Select the schema type you want such as, blogs, articles, webpages etc.
  • After choosing the schema type like articles, recipe etc.
  • Choose a Specific placement (Post Type) where you want the schema type to appear.
  • Now, click on next and now your schema markup is set.


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Schema marks help users find information they can use to enhance a webpage or website. These are some ways to easily add schema markup to WordPress to increase the search ability of your page on Google.

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